The Ultimate Checklist For A Perfect Bus Road Trip

When planning any trip something is sure to go wrong. Sometimes it’s just inevitable. Certain measures could be taken though to best minimize the risk. I am here to help you plan for the perfect bus road trip.

A Perfect Bus Road Trip

Checklist From Beginning To End of Trip

1. Understand your Trip.  

Make sure you understand the two main details of the trip, where you are going to and when you are traveling.

bus image.jpeg

2. What bus are you using?

Make sure the appropriate bus has been selected and will be the one used for the trip.

3. Pack what you need!

Luggage should also be taken into account when booking the size of the bus. Large charter buses offer extra luggage space and should be considered from large parties traveling from airports or who will be on long trips.

4. The  Amenities.


Additional amenities such as a bathroom, WI-FI, televisions, dvd players, recliners should all be taken into account when planning a bus trip.

5. Pack light and smart.

Depending on the amount of luggage you can bring, it is important to pack everything you need in a small amount of space for your trip.

6. Food or Drinks?

Depending of the restrictions of you bus, it is important to bring food and drinks if you can for a long journey. There will most likely be breaks at rest areas where you can eat some food it the bus ride is very long.

7. Get Comfortable!

Feel free to bring a blanket for even a pillow/neck pillow for those long drives.

8. Don’t forget the charger!

If your smartphone is not the best with battery, make sure you pack portable chargers and your charging cord! Same with your laptop.

9. Verify Everything!

After the itinerary and bus has been verified and booked, the follow up with the company and driver is needed to ensure the perfect trip.

10. Headphones!

If you like to listen to music, watch TV, or listen to podcasts, this is a must. Make sure your headphones or earbuds are comfortable enough for long durations as well.