What does it cost to rent a minibus?

Minibus Rental Price Estimates


Average prices for renting minibuses vary from $1,000-$1,600 per day. Nonetheless, these prices will rise depending on many factors, as well as long-term and short-term trips. But what will be the rental costs if you want to rent a minibus for some hours? What are the factors that influence rental prices? And how do you get the best price renting a minibus?

  • Prices for renting a minibus will start at $500-$700;

  • Every extra hour will cost about $110-$160;

If you need to rent the minibus for more than a day, we might have discounts for you! You can talk to our booking specialist to get the best deals! Bookbuses will always consider all of your wishes and requirements. Call us (646) 801 6280.

Price Estimates 4-Hours Minimum Additional Hours 8-Hours Full Day
Rent Mini Bus $500-$700 $110-$160 $1,000-$1,600



Main Factors that Influence Mini Bus Rental Prices










Setting up your statement, we attempt to initially get all the most important data, such as, which reason you are traveling for. Clearly, a 4-hour journey will be less expensive than booking a minibus for a whole day. You should always think about how many stops you are going to make, for how long the transport vehicle will wait for you, etc. Time is one of the most fundamental factors that will impact the final cost.

How can I save money on the off-chance that I need a bus to wait for me? You don't need to rent the bus for a round trip, you can take one transport to get to your desired destination and another one to drive you back. This way, the minibus won't wait for you and you won't need to pay additionally for those hours.


Prices also rely on the mileage, so the length of your journey truly matters, not only on account of the real booking prices but also because of the fact that you may need to book one more driver for you trip (legal requirements). In the end, the minibus will drive more miles altogether (expenses of gas, toll roads, drivers' working hours, and so on) to pick you up, drop you off and return to the garage. We check an estimated measure of miles you will drive during your journey. Minibuses are ideal for short and long-distance journeys.

Bus Type


There are different minibuses, the biggest difference between all of them is the seating capacity which ranges from 7 to 39 seats. The bigger the bus is, the higher the end price will be. That is why it is very important to choose the right size of the bus.

Ask our booking specialist what type of bus will suit you perfectly, to get the best deal you have to fill in every one of the seats. Pick the correct size of your minibus.  Likewise, you may consider renting a school bus or a charter bus. Look here to know what it costs to rent a school bus.

If you need a different type, size or use of a bus, you may also check:

Trip Date

Bus prices rise and fall, depending on the season, and it is different throughout the US, so it is difficult to predict 100% of the price changes if you never booked a bus before. In general, when school vacations start, there are more bus bookings than usual, it causes a rise in demand. Weekends usually get pricey all year round.

How do you get the best price?

  • The most expensive months are April, May, June, July, August, try to book your trip before the high season starts;

  • The least expensive months are January, February, July, and if your trip will be during the weekdays - even better;

  • Plan your trip well in advance (30 days).

Different Examples of Minibus Rental Prices

All the prices presented bellow are estimated and may vary since there are many different factors that change final bus rental prices.

Trip Example Type Days Hours Miles Bus Type Price
Ex. #1 Airport Transfer 1 2.5 40 Mini Bus $495
Ex. #2 Corp. Shuttle 1 6 95 Mini Bus $720
Ex. #3 Amusement Park 1 12 120 Mini Bus $1,100

Example # 1 - Minibus for an Airport Transfer


Minibuses are most frequently rented for airport transfers, it is not only comfortable but also one of the best budget-friendly options to get wherever you need if you travel in a group.

If your plan a trip from the Airport to the hotel, downtown, etc. it will take approximately 2.5 hours, and you will drive about 40 miles in total, the final price will be around $495.

Renting a minibus for an Airport Transfer is one of the best ways to get to the desired destination at the lowest price.

Example # 2 - Minibus for a Corp Shuttle


Example # 3 - Minibus for an Amusement Park Trip


Amusement Parks are usually far out of the city, and many times there is no public transportation to get there. Taxis or Private car rentals can get very pricey. That is why groups choose to rent a minibus for a whole day, which will drive the group to the amusement park, wait there, and drive back home.

If you need a minibus for 12 hours (including the waiting time), driving approximately 120 miles, it will cost you around $1,100.

Additional Factors that Influence Minibus Rental Prices

Pickup Location

There are urban areas that don’t have a lot of bus companies, which makes it harder to find the right minibus for you. Since the supply is lower than demand in those urban areas, final prices for bus rentals will rise. Additional miles the bus needs to drive to pick you up and drop you off increase costs.

Multiple Drivers and Accommodation


A bus driver can drive for a maximum of 10 hours, after that he/she is required to have 8-hour break. In the event that you might need to drive for more than 10 hours, you will need to book one more driver, which will increase the costs at least by a few hundred dollars. It is fundamental for legal and safety requirements.

You may book two different buses (if your trip is two days long) to save money and not pay for the driver’s hotel room.

Route’s Travel Fees


This is another significant factor which may drive the price higher. Parking, toll roads, and any other additional cost might not be included in the price at first, because they are different all the time, ask one of our Bookbuses’ booking specialists to get some information about the final bill and extra costs.


Another additional cost could be overtime. If your trip goes over the time it was initially booked for, the bus company is expected to charge for overtime. Try to plan your journey in advance and make sure you consider checking how long your journey is going to be (including possible traffic, stops, people being late). This way you will avoid overtime pay.

Cleaning Fees

Usually, if the trip is long, you may have food and drinks (alcohol if agreed before) on board. It might lead to extra expenses for the rent because of the cleaning fees.


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