What does it cost to rent a party bus?


Planning a night out with all your girls? Or a big birthday bash? A popular and safe way to keep the celebration going on route to your location is renting a party bus. These buses can be very luxurious and a great way to make your night perfect. Your entire party can travel with you, no one has to be the designated driver and the fun doesn’t have to stop on route. But there is a few things to consider when determining the overall price of chartering a party bus.

How Party Bus Prices are Calculated

The biggest factor when determining the overall price of a party bus is time. Most rental companies offer a four-hour time block. This means if you only need an hour or a pick up and drop off service, you will still have to pay for the full four hours or wait time. However, most companies include vehicle cleaning and prep in this price. This can help you tailor the experience to your party including decorations that you want. However, there may be an extra cost depending on what you bring on board. Some party bus companies will include a stocked bar in this price and gratuity, but be sure to ask your company if its included.

Party Bus Rental Price Estimates

Prices can vary depending on city or when you are renting your party bus, but generally they cost between $695 - $1,050 for a four hour time block with each additional hour costing between $100 - $300. Call one of our specialists at (646) 801 6280 or use the form below to get a quote for your trip.

Price Estimates 4-Hours Minimum Additional Hours 8-Hours Full Day
Rent Party Bus $695-$1,050 $100-$300 $1,200-$2,400
  • There is a four-hour minimum on party buses

  • There is a cost for additional hours

  • Some companies will include a 15% gratuity, beyond that is your discretion (be sure to check if gratuity is included)

  • Weather, special events, holidays and peak times highly affect availability and prices



Main Factors that Influence Party Bus Rental Prices


Party Bus price estimates depend on many different factors. One of the most important is location. For instance, if you want to rent a party bus in New York (specially during the weekend), it might get a little pricey. But even then you can plan your trip in advance, avoiding the weekends, choosing the right size bus and save some money. Call us (646) 801 6280 and one of our booking specialists will help you to get the best deal!

Trip Date


As with most things, booking last minute can drive up your price. There may be limited availability. We recommend to book your bus 8 weeks in advance, but if it’s a popular time or holiday, then try booking several months, 4-6 months in advance. Canceling is always possible, but last minute bookings can be very costly.

Size - Pick the right Party Bus

There are many options when choosing a party bus. A standard size party bus will fit around 20-30 passengers. There are smaller options for groups around 16 people and larger options for groups around 40 – 45 passengers. If you have a larger group other options might be better. The size of the bus may affect the price as well, so be sure to choose the right size for your group.

Choose the right amenities


The special thing about renting a party bus is that you don’t have to have just normal transportation. You can have a lot of fun in route to your destination. Every company will be different but amenities can include a fully stocked bar, removable dancing poles, DVD players/TVs, sound systems, lights, and a bathroom. Most of the companies will allow you to decorate the bus as well with balloons or flowers, but this may incur an additional cost. Also, be sure to check with the specific company what is or isn’t allowed. Not all will allow liquor or dancing in route, and some amenities may come with an additional cost.

Plan your trip outside of peak times

Big events like festivals, athletic events and national holidays will be busier times with less availability. Most rentals happen during the summer months as well. Try to avoid peak times by booking in the winter or planning your event away from holidays. If not, the price may be higher due to lower availability.

Additional Factors that Influence Party Bus Rental Prices

Plan Smart – and save 10 – 30%


Talk to our team of travel consultants. Together we can plan the best solution for your trip. We can often make small adjustments that will create significant savings or make things more efficient. The more details you have worked out the better as well. The more detailed you can be, the better we can optimize and make any small adjustments to get the best price possible.