Frequently Asked Questions


About Bookbuses:

Why should I book with Bookbuses?

We help you find the best bus selection at the right competitive prices from proven, safe and insured bus firms with no hassle. If there is anything we can do better, please let us know.

I would rather talk to someone about my trip, can I do that?

Yes, our booking specialists will help you with any questions you may have, as well as make a reservation. Call us on (646) 801 6280.

How does Bookbuses guarantee the quality and the safety of the bus and driver?

We can provide a contract of insurance on request. All our drivers are certified and follow the department of transportation (DOT) standards.

Can I come by the office?

We are an online company and unfortunately, we can’t have visitors, but if you have any questions we are happy to help you. Call us on (646) 801 6280 or email

What types of buses are available for booking?

We have charter buses, executive buses, minibusses, party buses, school buses, transit buses, and vans. You can read more about the bus types here.

How many people can I book a bus for?

You can book a bus trip for as many people as you like. If your group cannot fit into just one bus, we will book multiple buses accordingly. It depends on the seating capacity of a particular bus. Our biggest charter buses can fit up to 57 people; school buses have benches instead of seats, and can fit up to 70 children or 50 adults; you may also book a bus if you have a smaller group (from 10 people).

Can I book a trip with multiple destinations?

Yes, you can book a trip with multiple destinations. It can be a round-trip, or a tour, where you make stops at many locations. We will find a perfect bus for you and your group in any kind of situation.

Are the buses insured against accidents or damages?

All of our partners are insured as required by law. All buses are insured for a minimum of 5m USD.

Which bus sizes are there?

There is a bus option for any group! We have big coach buses (47-57 people), school buses (30-70 people), minibusses (20-40 people), minivans (10-19 people).

About the Price:

How many price offers will I receive?

You will receive a price offer from all the bus companies in the area, that do trips on your selected bus type.

What are the prices to book a bus?

It depends on several factors, those being season, day of the week, time of day, length of time, bus size/type, and destination. We are working hard to make all of this as transparent as possible. On rare occasions, certain dates can spike prices roughly 100%. Most buses require a minimum of five hours of use and range from $500-$800 excluding taxes. Full day rentals range from $800-$1,300 but this depends on availability.

Are tolls/fees included in the price?

At the moment, they are not, though we are working to include these soon. Please bring this money along with you on the trip.

I just want to know prices, what do I do?

  1. Go on, fill in the search bar and get a quote right away.
  2. Call us on (646) 801 6280, and our booking specialists will provide you with prices right away.

What is included in the quoted price?

The price includes bus and driver services, fuel charges, road tolls, 3% payment processing fee. Gratuity is included or at customers' decision.

Is requesting quotes free and non-committal?

Yes, requesting quotes is 100% free of charge and non-committal.

Are there price differences for children and adults?

No, there are no differences in price for children and adults. A client is paying for a bus rental, not per person, no matter the age.

When is the payment for the trip due?

If the trip starts fewer than 30 days then full payment to immediately reserve the bus; If the trip starts in 30+ days, then we divide payment into 1) 25% deposit for an immediate reservation; 2) 75% due to 30 days before the trip. In some particular cases, these rules can be negotiable.

What are your overtime charges?

In most cases are overtime charge is $196. The overtime charge starts on the 15th minute of delay as a whole hour.

Where can I retrieve a final bill/receipt for the trip?

You should have received a final receipt in your email. If you have any additional needs please email us at

What does it cost to rent a School Bus?

Prices depend on the day, season, city, a distance of your trip, but school buses generally cost between $500-$600 for a four-hour minimum with an additional hour costing somewhere around $81-$115. You can book a School Bus only for a one-way trip, the price for this kind of trip is around $375. Get a fixed quote by calling us on (646) 801 6280.

Booking and Payment:

Can I pay with Cash?

Yes, you can go to the bank and deposit the money directly to the BookBuses' account.

Can I still make changes after I make a reservation?

Of course you can! It might be harder closer to the date of your reservation, but our booking specialists are always here to help you if you need to make any changes.

How and when can I pay?

You can pay by several ways: credit/debit card, wire transfer, check, or by cash (depositing the money on Bookbuses' account through the bank).

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes you can, although you might want to do it in advance (30+ days before your trip), to get your deposit back.

What information do I need to book a bus trip?

Date and time, pickup address and destination, and number of people going on the bus. You can choose any type of bus you like.

How do I make a reservation?

When you have filed the details for your itinerary, you can check the availability for your bus. After that all you have to do is fill in your contact details, and press order! We will take care of the rest from here.

Who can I contact if I have questions about booking a trip?

Contact our solution specialists at or call us on (646) 801 6280.

How do I cancel a reservation?

Contact your booking specialist as soon as you can. Call (646) 801 6280 or send an email on

Can I rent a bus without a driver?

No, you can not rent a bus without a driver.

Can I rent a bus for a week?

Yes, you can rent a bus for a week. We work individually with every client and find the best options for your trip.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, you need to pay a deposit to confirm your reservation.

Do you offer corporate travel or tour group rates?

For any multiple-time bookings, we develop custom solutions and will be willing to work with you if you contact

During your Trip:

Is it possible to arrange catering onboard?

Yes, it is possible to arrange catering onboard. Simply share all details with your booking specialist and we will arrange it for you.

Can I bring my drinks and food?

Yes, most of the bus companies allow you to have food and drinks on board, but you might have to pay a cleaning-fee.

Can I change the pick-up point on the day of the trip?

Of course! There is no problem with changing your pick-up and drop-off points, as long as it is not too far from the one stated before.

Is it allowed to smoke on the bus?

No, it is not allowed to smoke inside any of our buses.

Is it allowed to drink alcohol on the bus?

Yes, it is legally allowed to drink alcohol in limousines and party buses. Just let us know what you want, in some cases we can even arrange food and drinks service for you on board.

Who can I contact with questions regarding my trip?

You can contact your booking specialist, if you don't have or lost the contact details - call us at (646) 801 6280 or email and we will help you.

What do I do if my flight got delayed?

First of all, we need your flight information well in advance, this way you won't have to be stressed about the flight being delayed or canceled - we will know it even if you won't inform us directly. If the flight is delayed for up to 1 hour - there will be no extra charge; if the flight is delayed for more than 2+ hours - an extra charge may be considered, still, it is negotiable. Under any circumstance, we are here for you.

What do I have to consider when traveling with children?

The most important rule when traveling with children is that all kids under 4 y.o must be sitting in the car seats.

What happens if the bus is delayed?

  1. Call your bus driver;
  2. If there is no response from the driver - call dispatcher (we give all the contact information before your trip);
  3. If you still can not reach them - call Bookbuses directly at (646) 801 6280.

Will we make stops while driving?

Yes, you will make as many stops as you planned for your trip.

Can I play my music?

Yes, you absolutely can, just confirm it with your sales representative and make sure your bus will have all the necessary equipment.

How much luggage can be taken?

You can take as much luggage as you think you will need for your trip. Important: Specify the quantity and quality of the luggage with your booking specialist before renting a bus, because each vehicle has a unique luggage capacity.

Can I travel with pets?

Yes, you can travel with pets. Please specify all the details with your Bookbuses' sales representative before the reservation to make sure you and your pet are traveling safely and receive all satisfaction.

Who should I contact if something has been forgotten on the bus?

Don't worry, if you noticed the missing item right away - please immediately call the driver and let him know. If the driver does not reply or some time has passed after the bus left - please call your Bookbuses' representative.

Cancellation and Refund:

What are the cancellation conditions?

If a customer submits a booking through the Service and cancels the booking before the date of a Trip, certain charges may apply:

  1. If the customer cancels a booking before thirty (30) calendar days before the date of the Trip, the Customer shall not be charged.
  2. If the Customer cancels within thirty (30) calendar days before the date of the Trip, the Customer shall be charged thirty percent (30%) of the fees quoted.
  3. If the Customer cancels within fourteen (14) calendar days before the date of the Trip, the Customer shall be charged seventy percent (70%) of the fees quoted.
  4. If the Customer cancels within seven (7) calendar days before the date of the Trip, the Customer shall be charged 100 percent (100%) of the fees quoted.

A change of date shall be deemed a cancellation. We can sometimes waive cancellation fees on change of date as long as there is availability, the same bus partner is used and the total cost of your trip does not change.

How do I get a refund?

Call or email you sales representative and he/she will help you with the terms as each refund case is unique and you agreee on the refund payment method. If you can not reach your sales representative, you can call us at (646) 801 6280 or email on

Is my deposit refundable?

Yes. 100% refundable reservation deposits for cancellations made 30+ days before your trip. Read more on our T&C page.