Rent a Bus for your Wedding

Do you need to transport your wedding guests? BookBuses offers a wide range of buses for your special day. Whether you need a short distance shuttle bus or a long distance charter bus, BookBuses will definitely fulfill your transportation needs. BookBuses understands that your wedding is a special day and requires a lot of attention to detail. We have specialists that are always available to help you out during your entire process.



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Charter Bus

Charter Buses usually have a lot of amenities such as bathrooms, luggage space, air conditioning, leather seat, etc. Charter Buses are great if weddings are far away from one of the families side. For example, if the bride lives in New Jersey and the groom lives in Ohio, it would be a great idea to have the groom side take a charter bus from Ohio to New Jersey for the wedding. It is always a great gesture to provide some type of transportation for your wedding guests.



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Shuttle Bus

A Shuttle Bus can hold up to 34 guests per bus. As a result, a shuttle bus is ideal for shuttling guests back and forth from one location to another. For example, if a lot of guests are staying at one hotel and the venue is a short drive away, it would be a great idea for a bus to shuttle guests back and forth from the hotel to the venue. Is could be very helpful for your wedding guests if there is an open bar at your wedding reception as no one will need to worry about driving home.



Party Bus

If you want some of your guests to arrive in style, or even leave in style, a party bus is right for you. Usually, a party bus can be used to transport your close friends to an after party location. Since many wedding venues only allow you to rent out a ballroom until midnight, many couples always want to continue the party somewhere else. This can be at a club, bar, or residence; however, a party bus would be a great mode of transportation for any after party attendees.