The Ultimate Guide to Booking a Bus For a Wedding

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Is your wedding coming up and you need help figuring out transportation for your guests? Planning ahead is everything on your special day, and renting a bus for your client, family or guests can make things much easier. If you have never experienced booking a charter bus before, or if transportation happens to be the last thing on your mind before your wedding day, do not worry because has got you covered! We work hard to find the best deal for what you need and fast. Our network of quality partner bus companies is nationwide, and they are very familiar with wedding transportation. We at have compiled a list of things to note when finding your perfect bus with us.  

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Book Earlier For Better Prices

One thing to keep in mind is general wedding season trends. Spring and fall tend to be more busy, with June and September as peak wedding months. In addition, bus companies are often busy during the summer and weekends. Booking last minute, especially during the more popular times, is more expensive and makes it harder to get the charter bus you want. The best thing to do is to instead book your bus with us 4 to 6 months in advance.  

Consider Your Passengers and Bus Amenities

It is impossible to know the exact number of people who will attend the wedding, so it is always important to consider the maximum number of guests who might need transportation. As a rule of thumb, it is better to have too much space in the bus than not enough seats for your guests. In addition, consider if any of your passengers have special requirements, like wheelchair accessibility. Many of our charter buses come with WiFi, air conditioning, outlets, and a restroom.

There are 6 types of buses that we offer at BookBuses. We have charter buses, shuttle buses, executive buses, minibuses, school buses, vans, and party buses. Depending on the number of passengers, amenities you need and your budget, the perfect bus for you might change. If you are looking for a unique wedding experience on a budget, then a school bus may be for you! Therefore, make sure to be clear with what you need, so that we can suggest the perfect bus type for you. More information on these different bus types can be found below by clicking on the link.

Wedding bus

Charter Bus: 40-55 passengers

Executive Bus: 24-36 passengers

Minibus: 24-36 passengers

School Bus: 20-44 adult passengers

Shuttle Bus: 25-45 passengers

Van: 14-17 passengers

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Develop a Timeline

Before booking your bus, you will need a to create a timeline for the wedding day. The location of your wedding and reception are key details of your timeline and the transportation information. You want your guests to get to both locations on time, so arranging the time it takes from one location to the other is very important. A helpful tip is to actually create your timeline 30 minutes earlier to leave room for error and traffic.

Rental Time

Of course, everything on your wedding day should stay within your pre-planned budget. To make things easier and save money, think about how long you will need the bus. The minimum rental time for a bus is 4 hours, so make use of that time! You can use one bus to make multiple stops, or come back and forth for your guests, especially if the ceremony and reception are close together. This strategy also helps during the reception when some guests may want to go home earlier than others.  During its rental time, the bus is all yours and you can use it to your liking.

How to Rent a Bus with 

Instead of spending countless hours researching different charter bus companies, we here at make it quick and easy to search for a bus by providing instant pricing. Here are three ways to rent a bus with us below:

Fast Booking                                   

If your itinerary is simple, You can use our website and fill out your trip information to get a fast price quote! We use the information you provide to give you prices for different buses. First, try entering the information on our website, and if you find a price you like after browsing through your options, feel free to book right away! If you get an option for “request quote” follow the instructions below.

Initial Booking Process with BookBuses

Once you are done filling out the search request you will receive a confirmation email and a representative from BookBuses will reach out to you shorty. The more detail you have about your trip the better price and service we can give you!  Our representatives will send your request into our entire network of bus companies, to find the best possible quality and price, matching exactly your group’s needs.

Email or Call                                                                     

If you don’t want to utilize our website, or need further clarifications and want to speak to us in person, feel free to call our hotline at +1 (646) 233 2793. You can also email us at for any inquiries. You can book and request a bus directly this way as well if your trip is very complicated. By directly talking to a representative, you can get a custom experience that will cater to all your needs for your trip.


Once you have decided on a bus, a 25% deposit fee is required as soon as possible to secure your bus at its given price quote. You can pay through credit card (with an extra 3% convenience fee), or alternatively by check or wire. In case you end up changing or even canceling the bus, you are guaranteed 100% of the deposit back, given that you cancel 30 days prior to the trip date. This way you can easily get going and plan your trip now with no strings attached! Get started here.

Establish a Coordinator                           

The day before the wedding, you will be receiving the driver’s name and number. Your entourage will be busy and the bride and groom will be busier, so it is best to assign someone else to be the one coordinating with the driver/s on the day itself, allowing you to worry less and enjoy more! If there are any concerns, our hotline is available 24/7 at +1 (646) 233 2793. Once that is done, you are finally done planning and ready for the wedding of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are many questions that are frequently asked by customers. We compiled a list of questions so that this process is as clear as possible for you.

Who is my driver?

We will let you know the contact details of your driver, as soon as he or she has been assigned. This typically happens in the afternoon of the last business day before your trip.

Wedding bus rentals

Can I get pictures of my bus?

Just like ordering a rental car at the airport, you will be able to see representative pictures of the bus. The bus you will be getting might differ in color and design, but the model of the bus depicted will be the same. Should you have any specific requests, let us know!

What is included in the price? Is gratuity included?

Gas, driver fee, bus fee, insurance fee, basic cleaning fees, utility taxes and tolls are included in the price. However, gratuity is not included. It is recommended to pay a suggested gratuity of 7-15% depending on your level of satisfaction with the service, or $1-2 per passenger per day.

What does BookBuses Inc. do?

We receive customer requests for buses, and contact our wide network of partner bus companies for the best deal possible for your trip. We use the information we get to give you offers for the different options possible for you. We take care of all the hassle of booking a bus, and all you need to do is confirm the booking and pay when it is ready. As experts in the bus/transportation industry, we minimize possibilities for any miscommunications and problems that might occur when booking a bus. You can rely on us for the best trip or event possible!

Is my bus insured?

All of our bus vendors are required to have an insurance of at least $5 million. 

What if something happens to the bus on the day itself?

We always make sure the bus company you has extra buses on standby. Please call us right away so we can assist you when the situation happens.

Can we bring food and drinks in the bus?

Wedding celebration

You can only bring plastic glasses and cups for drinking. No beer bottles are allowed, but bottles of liquor would be okay. Just please be aware that if alcohol spills, the bus company may charge for the cleaning services.

Our organization is tax exempt, how does this affect our price?

Bus and large vehicle transportation in the U.S. is not taxed, except for in the states of Ohio and California. This means that the prices you receive through are in fact already tax-exempt.

At it has never been easier book a rental bus. Use the search box to access search, pricing, and booking instantly to rent buses. helps event planners and professional organizers source charter buses, no matter the location in the country. Comfortably browse your quotes and pick the offer that you find the best.  | (646) 233-2793