Rent a School Bus - simple, fun and affordable.

School bus rentals are one of the most economical option not only for school transport purposes but also for traveling in big groups at a reasonable distance. School bus rentals are sure to deliver excellent experience for all kinds of events and customers Though school buses only include basic amenities, school bus rentals are guaranteed to be the cost-effective way that seals smooth-sailing short trips or school service. It is safe, fast and affordable, which allows you to have great savings without sacrificing the quality of your trip.



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Yellow School Bus in New York City

School Buses for Short Transfers

School buses are great for shorter distances, they have basic amenities as Air conditioning and some even come with luggage compartmetns - some international guests even use them for airport transfers to make guest feel they have arrived in the US. Whatever shuttle or shorter trip you have, the price of a school bus usually beats the cost of a charter bus.


School Buses are Great for Kids

School buses are obviously created for kids but can be used for adults as well. Buses come in several sizes, from holding just 12 passengers and all the way up to 60 kids depending on the age of the kids. Remember that school buses have benches and depending on the age of the kids (or adults) more or less people will fit on the school bus. Talk to on of our agents about your needs.

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School Buses for Weddings

Due to the nostalgia of school buses, lots of people choose to rent a school bus for the wedding for short transfers in between, church, hotel and event venue. Bring drinks and flowers and create a fantastic day. Read more on renting a bus for your wedding here.