What does it cost to rent a school bus?

Are you planning an event and need a cost estimate for hiring a school bus? We understand. Chartering a school buses are a great option. With many basic amenities and perks, they can provide a great experience at an even greater price. They are great for short distance travel for field trips, group day outings, transporting your wedding guests and more. You can book for a one-time event or multiple trips. School bus rentals can be 40% cheaper than a charter bus, making them a great cost-effective alternative.

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How School Bus Prices are Calculated

School bus rental prices can be calculated in a few ways depending on your event, and can depend on the city, destination and day. School bus rates are in general priced by hour and miles. Typically there is a minimum of 4 hours of rental although some short transfers and airport transfers are priced differently. Additional cost might include tolls for repeated shuttles across bridges or tunnels or additional cleaning if your groups bring alcohol on the bus.  

School Bus Rental Price Estimates

While prices can vary by day, season and city, they generally cost between $570 - $800 for a four-hour minimum with each additional hour costing between $97-$115. Get a fixed quote by speaking to one of our specialists on (646) 801 6280 or use the form below.

Price Estimates Rent School Bus 4-Hour Minimum Additional Hours 8-Hours Full Day
Rent Yellow School Bus $570-$800 $97-$115 $968-1200
  • There is a 4-hour minumum on renting buses.

  • There is a cost for additional hours.

  • Rental over 12 hours include a discount. NB Drivers have a strict max 10 hours driving from garage to garage and a maximum 15 hours on duty each day by law.

  • Usually drivers are tipped $2 per day per person, but it is 100% at your discretion.

  • NB! Weather, presidental visits, concerts, demonstrations highly affect avaliability and prices - just like a flight.

How to get the best price for chartering a school bus

There are several tricks that you can use to get the best price for your trip. For the most part it comes down to your actual trip. When and how you plan your trip can be the key to a better price.



Plan Smart - and save 10-30%


Talk to our team of travel consultants and optimize your trip. Often we can make small adjustments to your trip that will create significant savings, or we can organize the shuttle in a more efficient way. If you talk to us early, together, we can create the best solution for you and your event. Make sure to have your details worked out as much as possible. The more detailed you can be about your itinerary, the more we can optimize and remove slack and make any needed small adjustments to give you the best offer.

Plan your event well in advance

Firstly, make sure to book your bus earlier rather than later. If there are no buses available, we can be forced to drive a bus in from another city which will incur additional cost. We recommend to book your bus a 8 weeks in advance and if you are booking for the high season or a national holiday, then consider to book it 4-6 months in advance.  You can always cancel your reservation at no cost if you cancel within 30 days. Last minute bookings are possible but always more costly.

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Pick the right Size School Bus Sizes

School buses come in a few sizes. On average, a large school bus can seat around 48 adult riders at 2 per seat or 72 children at 3 per seat. Many rentals have other options that can work really well for smaller groups. Also, when making your reservation with a school bus rental group make sure to inquire about any restrictions they may have.

If the Price is too good to be true, double check fees and quality

It is very important to hire the right bus rental company to insure a good experience. If a price seems to be too good to be true, it most likely is. It may not include everything you need it to include like gratuity, taxes, tolls, payment fees or it might be from a non-reputable source. Some might force your group to pay tips in advance or require cash to continue driving on the day. Always double check to avoid any of these complaints or get a quote from BookBuses. We work with a large network trusted operators across North America and we always got your back.

Booking 6+ trips a year? Join BookBusesPro©


If you are booking over 6 trips a year, join BookBusesPro© - a solution for professional organizers that gives special pricing for the year, a personal booking specialist, an improved service level agreement and a kickback bonus for you. Reach out and ask for BookBusesPro to talk to one of our specialists.  

Consider to plan your event outside of Peak Season

Try to avoid popular times such as the weekends. Monday - Thursday are less busy and have less demand, so a rental company is more likely to give you a better price. The same goes for national holidays which tend to be high demand times. Summer months are also very popular for group events which cause a spike in school bus rentals. If possible plan events outside of  May through July to receive a better prices.

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BookBuses can provide you with accurate and affordable quotes according to your specific travel needs.  Use our easy search or call (646) 801 6280 for your best price.