Rent Minibus - Affordable Small Group Hire

A mini bus is smaller bus that is better for any type of shuttle transportation. Since a mini bus offers comfortable seating, air conditioning, and some luggage space, it is perfect for a shorter travel distance. Many people use mini buses for weddings, corporate events, and airport travel. A mini bus should cost under $1000 as long as it is used for a short distance and a short period of time. Mini Buses and usually not fit more than 30 passengers each. As a result, a mini bus is better for smaller events compared to a charter bus. 



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Rent minibuses for Weddings

For many weddings, most guests stay in one hotel while many of the wedding festivities are venues close to the hotel. What many couples do it provide a shuttle bus for its guests to the venue and back. This could be a very important if alcohol is present at any of the events ensure that no one drives back intoxicated.


Minibuses for Company Events

Many companies hosts large events in venues that require some type of driving to get to. Companies often provide transportation for its workers if needed. This allows companies to ensure that its workers will arrive in a timely manner to the event.


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Rent Minibuses for Airport Travel

Shuttle buses are always used for traveling from hotels to airports. Usually, hotels would provide some type of shuttle transportation to the airport. However, larger groups will need to rent a mini bus to get their group to and from the airport. This is would be the most efficient way to transport everyone from the airport.