Don't rent a charter bus before you have seen this alternative (School bus)

Planning your next trip and consider renting a bus? You are at the right place to find out what are the choices you have and how to get the best deal! Renting a charter bus is not always the best option, it might be too big, the cost can get too high, you might not need to drive far, etc. The best alternative - School Bus! School buses have basic amenities, the best safety features, and big seating capacity.



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That`s one of the cheapest option for big groups of people and short distances. A good way to save some money. Almost half-price difference with charter bus! While costs can differ by day, season and city, they generally cost between $500 - $600 for a four-hour minimum with each extra hour costing between $97-$115. Also, you may book a school bus only for a one-way trip, which might cost around $375.

If you want to know more about the prices for renting a school bus, you may check our article.

What does it cost to rent a school bus?



Can be used for weddings, parties, sport trips and etc. Rather than having a stream of taxis arranged outside your venue (making navigation somewhat harder to do!), set up a convenient school bus rental to ensure a smooth ride for your guests.


Luxury is not necessarily needed

The absence of amenities like A/C, storage space, and onboard restrooms means you’ll need to be aware of how you’re arranging your bus rental. But you can set aside your own extra room by reserving several seats in the front or back of the bus, and there you have it, additional space for baggage! Just make sure you rent a school bus with various seats that’s a little over your number of passengers.



There are a lot of school buses that can accommodate your group size. Typically, big ones have 22 to 23 seats, which fits 3 children on each or 2 adult passengers, fitting a total of 66 children or 44 adults passengers. In populated areas with many school bus companies, it is also possible to find smaller school buses carrying around 36 children or 24 adult passengers. If that is not sufficient, you may go ahead and book more buses!



A school bus is your quick trip full of memories, and also a cost-friendly option that’s most appropriate for local travel and small to mid-sized groups. They’re easily recognizable by their iconic yellow exterior, vinyl seats, and windows rolled down in the summer.



Anyone who organized a wedding at least once, faced with the problem of delivering guests to the registry office and beyond. Of course, you can seat all the guests in cars and move around in urban traffic jams with a whole procession. But it is much more convenient to book a bus from us and comfortably deliver guests to the registry office and then drive through the memorable places of the city!

School bus can be also used for wedding photoshoot in a vintage style.

Corporate event service

Practically everything, both large and small, companies hold corporate events. Some companies practice tourist trips or sports events every month, some do it only on the birthday of the company or the director of the company. In any case, it is much more convenient to book a bus or a minibus and your staff will be RELIABLY delivered back and forth by comfortable transport.



Many large companies, factories, or factories are located outside the city or have offices and warehouses there. Before the management of enterprises there was is a problem of delivering employees to work. As a rule, it is inconvenient for companies to buy their own vehicles, maintain them, buy fuel, etc. With school bus renting you can organize professional delivery of your employees on comfortable air-conditioned buses clearly at the appointed time.

Services for mass sports and entertainment events

Renting buses for competitions is a popular service not only for fans who are ready to go everywhere with their team and support it at crucial moments of sports life, but also for the athletes themselves. Well-known teams that have sponsored sponsorship usually have their own comfortable bus at their disposal, but even they sometimes have to use the services of bus hire, for example, if their vehicle has broken down. And for young novice teams that have not yet reached the heights in sports, the services provided by bus renting are particularly useful.


Also, ordering a bus for sporting events is necessary for loyal fans to attend the sports matches of your favorite club. After all, the broadcast of the match on TV cannot be compared with the personal presence at a sporting event. Only at the stadium the fan can truly feel the unity with his team, in his own way survive all the critical moments of the game and feel the unforgettable taste of victory. For a small upfront clean-up fee, you may be permitted to bring alcohol onboard the bus!

Train stations and airports transfer

Renting a bus for a meeting from the airport is very relevant for those who cannot personally meet relatives, friends or business partners.