The best advice for Eco-Friendly Travel - Goodwings

The world is moving towards new technologies and sustainability. There are many problems around the globe, such as poverty, hunger, gender inequality, climate change, etc. Most of the time you don’t really know how to help, where to go, etc. I travel a lot. Going on business trips, holidays, visits, conferences, meetings, it is the reality of 21st century entrepreneur. Anywhere I go, I need a place to stay. Here at Bookbuses we recommend a lot of online travel services that we like, however, we do want to highlight Goodwings.




How can I help to change the world?

Can you imagine that now there is a way to travel and participate in the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development at the same time? is a hotel booking service which gives at least a third of their commision on each booking to a charity of your choice. Isn’t it amazing? It means that you will help the world without spending any extra money. Maybe you care a lot about ecology or global warming? Or you are worried about the level of poverty in African countries? Let me introduce you Googwings, they offer an easy way for companies / people have a measurable impact!

Why do I choose Goodwings?

If you ask me why I choose Goodwings, simply because I want to have my little positive impact in the world. They offer good prices (by the way, you can save up to 15% extra if you sign for their exclusive wholesales hotel prices!) and 100% carbon neutral hotel stays. You will remove the same amount of carbon dioxide from the environment as release during your trip. Amazing, no?


Goodwings is a hotel booking (more than 360 000 hotels worldwide) site that has an AMAZING concept, which will not only provide you with a hotel and excellent 24-hour customer support, but also donates a big part of their commission on each deal to charities, such as Source International, Street Child United, Reach for Change and many others. This way, if you become a customer of Goodwings you participate in changing the world for the better.

Donate when making a booking


If you rent a room/multiple rooms you will be able to choose which charity will receive your donations (during two years after you made the booking). In case you don’t have any preference, your donation will be equally divided between the charities Goodwings are working with. You don’t have to make a donation every time you book, you can collect the percentage and donate later a big amount. Your donation is always at least one third of a commission, the final amount depends on the price of your stay.

What are the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN? Goodwings Support

In 2015 world agreed to 17 goals for a better world by 2030. It is now up to us to work together, in order to make the world a better place. If you book a room with Goodwings, you will participate in solving one of the following problems. 1. End Poverty; 2. Stop Hunger; 3. Good Health - ensure healthy lives; 4. Quolity Education for Everyone; 5. Achieve Gender Equality; 6. Clean Water; 7. Sustainable Energy; 8. Jobs; 9. Innovation and infrastructure; 10. Reduce inequality among countries; 11. Sustainable Cities; 12. Sustainable Consumption and Production; 13. Climate Change; 14. Sustainable use of Water and life in water; 15. Protect ecosystems; 16. Peace and Justice; 17. Global Partnership.