How to Rent a Charter Bus

Renting a Charter Bus can appear to be daunting task, especially if it is your first time booking one. There are a bunch of things to consider in renting a Charter Bus ranging from the number of passengers on board to the added amenities desired on the bus. First off, it is imperative to hash out all of these considerations before booking anything.




Some Important Details You Need to Know Before Requesting a Quote for a Charter Bus!

1. The Trip

The trip would consist of picking up from one destination and transporting that party to another destination. That could be the end of the trip or it could be a multiple stop trip or a round trip. The first of the three main details of the trip to know is the addresses of the destinations involved in the trip. The destinations also give a distance of the trip, which is partly used to determine the quote of the trip.

2. The Time


The next main piece of information to know is the date and time of the pickup and drop off. Whether it is a multiple day trip or just for a couple of hours the bus needs to not only know where to be, but when to be there. For multiple day trips it is possible that the party would have to provide lodging for the driver.

3. Number of Passengers

The number of passengers being on board is needed to get the size of the bus to be rented.

4. The Amenities

Other details such as specific amenities (TV/DVD, Wifi, extra luggage space, etc.) are necessary to determine what companies to look into. If more luxurious amenities are needed the price for the charter bus will be more expensive, but more reputable companies probably should be considered for the trip.

The Process


While sifting through different bus companies’ websites, customers can have an idea of what the bus companies have to offer and can proceed to contact them via email, which bus companies are notorious for responding leisurely, or phone call. From the email or phone call the customer can relay all their necessary information with regards to the trip. With all this information in mind, the bus companies can check for the availability of its fleet on the date and time of the trip and provide a quote either on the spot or wait to get back in contact and provide it at a later time. Certain payment structures differ with quotes having a combination of including or excluding tolls, gratuity, parking, and other expenses. The customer might have to do this with a couple of companies to find an available bus if it is during a busy time, find the best possible quote, or find a company that best accommodates the trip’s special requirements. Once the company and bus is selected, a contract should be asked to be written up and a down payment might be needed to reserve the bus.

The whole process of renting a bus seems daunting, but that still doesn’t mean it is more complicated and difficult than it needs to be. With platforms such as SeatGeek and aggregating ticket prices for sports, concerts, theaters, and plane tickets; respectively, there is one for the bus market, streamlines the process for your charter bus search since you only need to know the basic information summarized above. BookBuses takes the time to go through its charter bus vendors to find the best price for you. We do all the hard work so all you have to do is enjoy the ride!