Charter Bus Prices: How to Calculate your Bus Rental Cost

How much is renting a bus going to cost?

Do you know what is the best and most convenient way to travel when you want to take a group somewhere? Whether it is a wedding, a tour, a school trip or church outing - there is nothing better than renting a coach bus. Your first consideration is the price, but don’t worry, we have you covered, here at Bookbuses we will find the best deal for you the same day you leave a request. Prices will vary, based on different factors including the type of bus you need. At Bookbuses we have access to a wide variety of vehicles from small vans and minibusses to school and charter buses.

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Why let us calculate the bus rental cost for you?

Save Your Time

You don’t need to go from one website to another, comparing prices manually. You will be provided with price estimates which are as close as possible to the cost of renting a bus of your choice, based on your dates, number of people, hours and distance. You can use our simple search form above, or call us and one of our booking specialists will help you. It’s simple, quick and very efficient!

Estimate Your Bus Rental Prices Quickly

Get multiple quotes and have many options to choose from. We will instantly calculate bus rental pricing for your trip, considering all your needs, including if you have a fixed budget.

No Hours Spent on Research

Reduce the time you spend on research online, googling different companies and getting lost between prices and services. You will no longer need to plan your trip for weeks, trying to fit in the budget, but rather have your transportation covered as soon as possible.

What do different types of buses cost?

The Charter Bus Rental Cost Estimates


Charter buses offer the perfect trip for a large group, accommodating 49-57 passengers comfortably. You will typically pay $130 to $200 per hour, which is approximately around $3 per passenger/hour. Of course, bus prices vary based on location, time and market. You may read more about What Does it Cost to Rent a Charter Bus here.

The Minibus Rental Cost Estimates

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There are different minibusses, the biggest difference between all of them is the seating capacity which ranges from 7 (vans) to 39 seats. The bigger the bus is, the higher the end price will be. That is why it is very important to choose the right size of the bus. Minibusses are good for small and mid-size group travels, most of them have all modern amenities, from WiFi to climate control. For a minibus that can accommodate 30-39 people, you will pay around $100 to $140 per hour. You will find more information about What Does it Cost to Rent a Minibus Here.

The School Bus Rental Cost Estimates


A school bus is often considered as a budget-friendly option since it fits up to 50 adults or 60 children for a very reasonable price. These are good for short-distance trips, but it doesn’t mean you can’t take luggage with you, there is ample space below the seating for most types of equipment. A school bus costs $60 to $120 per hour, depending on location and market. The price per passenger can go as low as $1 per passenger/hour. Read more on What Does it Cost to Rent a School Bus.