Rent School Bus for Wedding

Can you rent a School Bus for Wedding?


Anyone who organized a wedding at least once, faced with the problem of delivering guests to the registry office and beyond. Of course, you can seat all the guests in cars and move around in urban traffic jams with a whole procession. But it is much more convenient to book a bus from us and comfortably deliver guests to the registry office and then drive through the memorable places of the city!

One of the most interesting options is renting a School Bus for your wedding and make your guests have an unforgettable experience, not having to worry about driving.

Planning a wedding is overwhelming and riddled with a lot of details, around all this, many people often forget about the logistics on their big day and it gets a little stressful (especially when the best man gets lost in a new city and comes late). When you plan your wedding transportation, you should answer these questions:


How many people do I need to transport?


Where do they go?


How do they make it back to the hotel/airport?


Not sure how to do that? Then you are at the right place! Here at Bookbuses, we will help you to organize transportation for everyone at the best price and all your guests will be on time for the reception as well as safely delivered back to the hotel.

We have access to a big variety of comfortable buses for you to have a ride to and from your wedding venue. Bus options vary between small 10 seat vans to full-size motor coaches which can fit up to 56 people, ensuring that we will always find the one that meets all your needs and requirements. Give us a call (646) 801 6280 for more information and get a quote right away!



Why would you rent a School Bus for Wedding?

Travel Reliably & Safely


It is very important to ensure the safety and timely transportation of many people, you need to think outside of a limo box to do that. Limousine might be fine for a party or prom, but for your wedding, step from traditional boring things, and make an impression! Renting a School Bus for your wedding transportation needs is a great alternative that will make your guests happy.

The Best Memories

Even though school buses have only basic amenities, they have the best safety features and big seating capacity. A school bus is your quick trip full of memories, and also a cost-friendly option that’s most appropriate for local travel and small to mid-sized groups. They’re easily recognizable by their iconic yellow exterior, vinyl seats, and windows rolled down in the summer, imagine all the cool pictures you and your guests can take!

No More Parking Fees

Is your venue far away from the nearest parking lot? It is not a problem if you rent a bus, which will shuttle your guests from the lot to the ceremony or reception.

Get Home / Hotel Safely

You don’t have to worry about your designated driver flaking last minute, when you have your transportation set. Guests won’t have to call taxi, share cabs, to take them back home or hotel. With a School Bus, everyone will take part in the celebration and travel home safely.

What does it cost to rent a School Bus for Wedding?

School Bus is not only the safest option but also very budget-friendly. If you need to transport many people, you can rent a big yellow bus and have all your transportation needs covered. We will find a local company which is located near your wedding venue and you will have the best services for the minimum money.

For 8 hours you can rent a bus from $400 to $600. There is always a way to make the cost lower, it depends on every particular case. If you are renting a bus for 45 people, the price per person will be $8 - $13. Get a fixed quote by speaking to one of our specialists on (646) 801 6280 or use the form above.

Price Estimates 4-Hours Minimum Additional Hours 8-Hours Full Day
Rent Yellow School Bus $400-$600 $97-$115 $968-$1,200

School Bus Just for You

On your wedding day, keep the party flowing by booking an on-demand school bus shuttle to transport wedding guests between the reception area and the ceremony. Our booking specialists will help you organize your transportation, depending on your needs, everyone will be guaranteed safe, comfortable, and reliable transportation, and no one will arrive late to the wedding or get lost on the way. You can call us (646) 801 6280 to discuss your case now.

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