How to Get to Busch Gardens Tampa from Orlando and St. Petersburg

Busch Gardens Tampa from Orlando

Not only is there a Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, but there’s a second location in Tampa! Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, FL is the perfect destination for warm weather all year round. Looking to plan a visit, but not sure which is the best way to get there? Let us show you the different ways to get there with your friends, family, or group for great prices!



Bus Tickets 

It’s also very affordable to take a bus to the park. From Orlando, the buses run every 30 minutes and take you to Tampa in 1 hour and 40 minutes. Once you arrive in Tampa, you have a 5 minute walk to Marion Transit Center where you have a 35 minute bus ride to the closest station near Busch Gardens and from there it’s only a 10 minute walk. The whole trip should cost approximately $17 to $43.

From St. Petersburg, it would take approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes on 3 different buses. For the price you would pay to take a bus, you are better off renting a car- $10 to $25 for the day- or getting an uber or taxi- $35 to $70. 


Let’s start off with the fastest and cheapest option; driving your car. Busch Gardens is only about 84 miles away from Orlando and 32 miles away from St. Petersburg. The car ride will take you approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes from Orlando and only 40 minutes from St. Petersburg. 

Busch Gardens Parking

There are 2 parking lots on site, one for general parking and one for preferred parking. For 1 day parking, it costs $20.56 for general parking and $22.43 for preferred parking.


If you’re not in a rush to get to the park right away, taking the train is a great option to get to Busch Gardens. Amtrak offers train tickets from $31 to $63 from Orlando to Tampa and only takes about 2 hours and 10 minutes. You then have to change station to Nebraska Ave @ Cass St MetroRapid where you will take a 30 minute bus ride to the closest bus stop to Busch Gardens. From there, you have a short walk until you’re at the park entrance. 

Groups - Consider to rent a bus from

If you are traveling with a big group, a great option would be to rent out a charter bus or school bus to take your group back and forth from the park. The great part about chartering a bus is you get picked up and dropped off right at your doorstep. BookBuses sprovides accurate and affordable quotes according to your needs during your trip, such as custom stopovers, restrooms, WiFi, power outlets, and much more. Instead of having to do intensive research on different kinds of charter buses you can get, head to the BookBuses saves you so much time researching different bus charter options as the website platform allows you see and compare all the different charter bus companies so you can get the best price! To make things even easier for you, BookBuses takes care of all the details. The only additional fee on the day itself will be a small parking fee at Busch Gardens. All you have to do is book a bus and wait for the day it arrives! Visit or call (646) 801 6280 for more information and the different bus possibilities for your group travels!

Here is a quick comparison of the cost to bring a Group to Busch Gardens from Richmond.

Group Transportation Price Comparison from Orlando to Busch Gardens

Bus Tickets Train Charter Bus Door to Door Charter Bus Per Person
Single Seats Round Trip $65 $94 -- --
30 Passengers $1,950 $2,820 $1,350 $45
50 Passengers $3,250 $4,700 $1,645 $33
Travel Time Each Way 2 Hours 2 Hours 2 Hours 2 Hours

*All prices are estimates and may vary over time

Group Discounts & Group Pricing Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Group Pricing

Busch Gardens offers group ticket discount for 15+ ticket purchases. To qualify for a group discount, you must make your reservation 2 weeks in advance and you have to call the group sales specialist at (407) 965-3251.

Discount on Multiple Days

Busch Gardens offers one day and multi-day tickets. Tickets are usually $105 for one day, $150 for 2 day, and $170 for 3 day. Right now, if you buy your tickets online you can save up to $25 for 1 day and $50 for multi-day tickets. Check out Busch Gardens website for additional ticket specials throughout the season.

Busch Gardens Tampa Hours

Bush Gardens Tampa is open all year - 365 days, but opening hours do vary depending on the month and day. The most frequent opening hours are below, but make sure to check out the opening hours at the Bush Gardens Tampa website here. Some days during the season offer extendede opening hours.

  • Monday: 10am - 5pm

  • Tuesday: 10am - 5pm

  • Wendesday: 10am - 5pm

  • Thursday: 10am - 5pm

  • Friday: 10am - 5pm

  • Saturday: 10am - 6pm

  • Sunday: 10am - 6pm

Busch Gardens Tampa hours are 10am to 5pm, Monday through Thursday and 10am to 6pm, Friday through Sunday. Visit Busch Gardens website to view their monthly calendars to see special events throughout the upcoming season!

Park Map of Bush Gardens Tampa




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Busch Gardens Tampa Address: 10165 McKinley Dr, Tampa, FL 33612