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Bookbuses is #1 Charter bus, School bus, Mini bus rental company, providing the best service in Queens, NY. Call us (646) 396 3213 to get the best deal now, or use the search bar below.

Queens is the largest borough of New York geographically, it is also the second most populous county with 2.34 million inhabitants, located in the southwest of Long Island, as well as being very close to Brooklyn. Queens has a lot of attractions, but the hustle of the big city may bring difficulties for tourists and visitors to navigate around the streets. Groups who are visiting Queens and other parts of New York can enjoy beautiful landmarks, museums, food, etc. If you want your trip to go as smooth as possible, not having to worry about getting lost and losing time figuring out public transportation, you may rent a Bus through Bookbuses and we will take care of your trip. This will give you the freedom to plan your trip the way you want it, we will help you to find the best bus option for you, no matter if you book in advance or planning a last minute booking.



Queens Charter Bus& Mini bus Rental


We have an access to a big selection of different Charter Buses, with a seating capacity from 47 to 56 seats. Also, if you travel with a smaller group, you may consider renting a Mini bus, we have different sizes of mini buses with a seating capacity between 18 and 25 seats. You can rent a bus with premium amenities, which are available upon request, such as a freezer, USB ports, WiFi, TVs, panoramic windows, etc. With a 24/7 customer service, you can count on us to take care of all the transportation needs of your event.

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Rent a School Bus in Queens


School buses are great for local trips, if you don’t need special amenities, and you want your trip to be as budget-friendly as possible. School buses are obviously created for kids but can be used for adults as well. Buses come in several sizes, from holding just 12 passengers and all the way up to 70 kids depending on the age of the kids. Remember that school buses have benches and depending on the age of the kids (or adults) more or less people will fit on the school bus. They can be rented for different events, such as school trips, sport teams outing, weddings, groups of tourists/visitors, etc. Depending on your event, school bus might be even a better option for you, you can talk to one of our booking specialist and we will help to find the bus that meets your requirements.

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Rent a bus for Wedding in Brooklyn


Arranging your wedding in Queens? At Bookbuses, we rent different types of buses to support the logistics on your special day. We are here to handle all your wedding transportation needs so that you don’t have to be worried about anyone getting lost or being late. We will organize shuttle service for your guests from their hotel to your wedding and back; we can also take care of the airport transfer for everyone who is coming from other cities, guarantee visitors arrive on time without the hassle. Call us (646) 801 6280 to get the best deal now.

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Rent a bus for Corporate Events in Queens

Having a conference or a company event in Queens? Let us take care of your transportation and you surely will be on time for your event. With our high level customer service we will make sure you like your trip! Our buses are equipped with WiFi, power retailers, TVs, etc. so you and your coworkers will be able to work, answer emails, rest during the whole ride.

Airport Transfer to and from Queens


Flying to New York and need to go to Queens? Bookbuses offer an airport transfer to and from Queens. The closest airport to Queens is JFK, it is located right there. If you are flying to LaGuardia Airport, which is located about 6.4 miles away from Queens you might also consider renting a bus to get to your destination with no hassle.

Rent a Bus for trips to Queens Sport Events

Queens hosts a lot of sport events. You can go watch a game of NY Mets at Citi Field, rent a minibus, get food and drinks and enjoy the game! By the way, you can get your tickets here. We offer a variety of buses for rent, considering all your requirements we will make sure that you have enough luggage room on a bus as well as other amenities you wish to have.


Top 5 Destinations to See in Queens

MoMa PS1


MoMa PS1 is one of the oldest art institutions in the United States. You will find the most experimental art in the world, enjoy beautiful exhibitions. MoMa PS1 supports modern artists, new genres, fresh ideas, emerging artists and innovation. It was found in 1971 and since then they did not change their philosophy and people come from all over the world to explore the work of contemporary artists.

Noguchi Museum

Here you will find an exclusive art and context of LA-born sculptor, designer and landscape architect Isamu Noguchi. He is famous for his iconic lamps and coffee tables, as well as for abstract stone sculptures. The museum is a must-see if you are visiting Queens!

Rockaway Beach

Tired of the noise of a big city? Want to see the other side of NY? Then you should definitely visit the Rockaway Beach! You can do surfing, catch some waves, chill with your friends or family, walk by the seafront and admire the views of the big city at the same time.



This place is definitely in your check-list to visit in Queens! It was designed for the 1964 World’s Fair, Unisphere is a steel model of the globe, located in the "Flushing-Meadows Park".

Louis Armstrong House


The home of legendary jazzman Louis Armstrong is located in Crown, Queens. Externally, the house does not stand out among the rest in the area. It is a small red brick building. The house has almost completely preserved the interior of Louis Armstrong. You will see thousands of photographs, letters. Walking around the house and admiring the exhibits, visitors can hear the King of Jazz singing, his trumpet rehearsals, Armstrong's talk with Lucille (his wife). All this is recorded on tape. Armstrong met death in this house too. The greatest singer, trumpeter and simply wonderful man Louis Armstrong died in 1971 from heart failure.