Best Tips for Frequent Travelers - Hotelsbyday

Do you want to know all the top tricks of business travelers? Here you will find the best way to stay rested when you travel short-term! In 21st century we all have something in common - working nearly 24/7, not having time to rest between meetings, schedules, deadlines. On top of it, with all the globalization happening, being an entrepreneur often means travelling a lot.



I travel every week, all over the US, attending business meetings, projects, presentations. I used to feel inactive, sluggish after a long flight and I wasn’t as motivated and energetic as I wanted to be. But after many years of being an executive I learned that nearly every problem has a solution. I started to plan my work in a way that I have enough time for everything, including rest and relax, in order to stay productive. Did you hear about this cool “time-management” thing? It actually works! Let me tell you what I do to stay fresh, rested, motivated and fit for business meetings even after long flights and sleepless nights.



Before every business trip, I try to arrange as many meetings as possible the same day in a given city, so that I spend my time as efficiently as possible. TIP: use your phone notes/ calendars/ apps for planning, you will see how much it will help with self organization. Not everything depends on me, so sometimes I have to wait a couple of hours between each meeting. In this gap, before I used to go to a noisy cafe, trying to do some work, make calls, but I found it very difficult. Airports, planes, it all takes a lot of energy, on top of it trying to sit and work with crappy WI-FI is very difficult. In the end, the quality of work and productiveness was getting low.

This was until I found HotelsByDay. So many people might arrive to a city early in the morning and would have to leave by night. With HotelsByDay I can book a hotel room during the day at a great discount. I am way more productive as I am able to spend my time getting work done in peace and answer phone calls when needed. I am certain that if I have a place to rest, refresh and work, it improves the outcome of most of my business meetings and ultimately helps me land more deals and agreements.



Spending hours and hours in airports waiting for your flight.. Does it look familiar to you? By the time you get on a plane you are already exhausted and can’t even think about work. I’ve spent so much time in dull airports during the years, but now I always book a room with HotelsByDay if my layover is longer than a couple of hours. This way I get to use my time wisely, relax somewhere quiet, maybe take a nap or shower.


My family, whom I frequently visit, lives in Denmark. A flight back to the US is 8 hours long and the cheapest route goes through Newark Airport in New York with a 5-hour layover. And you know what my biggest dream is after a long flight? Right! A shower! And also, maybe a quick nap. This is where HotelsByDay saves the day.


Large group of multiethnic business people walking at corridor.

Traveling in groups might be a hassle when it comes to organization. For companies attending conferences, trade shows, etc. HotelsByDay can be a great way to make all your employees feel ready and well presented. Even if you are in a city only for one day, having a place to prepare is essential. To ease your travel  more you can book a bus for all of your employees so that you don’t have to go through buying separate subway tickets and walking. The bus will pick you up at the airport and take you all the way to your hotel and even to the given conference. You will have nothing to worry about! Isn’t it perfect?


You often go to sport events, concerts or festivals? A hotel room during the day is an excellent way of get ready! Even I sometimes have days off and do these kind of things. Imagine going to one of Billy Joel’s famous concerts in Madison Square Garden: you wake up at 6AM to catch a plane, arrive to New York at 1 PM and the show starts at 9 PM. You could wonder around the city and be totally tired by the evening, or you could rent a room during the day and catch up on some sleep to be 100% ready for the concert!


In my opinion, a hotel room during the day is a great cheaper alternative to business class flights. Instead of paying overpriced fee for extra legroom, you can buy a cheaper seat and spend the amount saved on a hotel which has way more advantages.