Rent a Charter Bus to Six Flags from New York

Charter a Bus to Six Flags Great Adventure


Are you planning a trip to Six Flags? Traveling with a group of 10 or 300 people, Bookbuses will handle your transportation, we have a wide range of Charter Buses, Minibuses, and School Buses ensuring you will get to Six Flags safely and budget-friendly.

Six Flags is a fun way to spend a weekend away for a family, corporate event, an international group - it is very easy to plan if you have your transportation needs covered. Taking a ride to Six Flags by a charter bus is the best transportation choice.

If you want to know more about How to Get to Six Flags Great Adventure you may read more information Here. Is there a public bus operating from New York to Six Flags? Yes! What is the cheapest way to get to Six Flags Great Adventure? A Charter Bus! Check and compare different ways Here.

Rent a Bus for Groups to Six Flags

Bookbuses offer a different type of transportation from simple vans (10 - 19 passengers), minibusses (20 to 40 seats) to big charter buses (up to 56 passengers) and school buses (up to 46 passengers-adults). You can choose the bus which will fit best your group’s size and needs to make your trip highly cost-effective.

Charter Bus School Bus Minibus Minivan
56 passengers 46 adults or 60 children 20 - 40 passengers 10 - 20 passengers



How to rent a Charter Bus to Six Flags

Renting a bus with Bookbuses is an easy, stressless experience, we will make sure you have a safe and fun ride to Six Flags and back. Follow these steps to book your bus as soon as possible:

  • Contact us for a free quote, by filling up the search form above, text or over the phone - (646) 801 6280.

  • Once we know all the important information and needs of your group (number of passengers, times, desired bus, scheduling, budget, special requirements, etc.), within a short period we will confirm the availability and sign the contract. The customer will pay a refundable deposit, full payment is due thirty days before the trip.

  • All the rest you can leave to us! We will make sure your bus(es) are secured, work out your trip details, send you all the important information (bus driver’s contact details, schedule, etc.). Get ready for the best trip to Six Flags and have time of your life!

  • If you still have any questions about chartering a bus to Six Flags you may call us and we will help you with anything regarding your upcoming or ongoing trip. The phone number is (646) 801 6280. On our FAQ page, you will find most of the information about booking, payment, refund or cancellation.

What does it cost to Rent a Charter Bus to Six Flags from New York?

Renting a bus is one of the cheapest ways to travel. Prices of hiring a coach bus to Six Flags may vary depending on different factors: season, time, availability, type of a bus. In some cases you can get a very low price just because you are booking well in advance, always make sure to take care of your transportation few months before the trip date. Also, the prices depend on a bus size you need, as mentioned above, we offer buses for small and large groups.

Estimated Prices on Renting a Charter Bus to Six Flags from New York

Charter Buses are perfect for trips to Six Flags, it will pick you up at the desired destination, bring you the theme park, wait until you try all the rides and drive you back home. You will have all the amenities to feel comfortable onboard, including AC, WiFi, reclining seats, luggage spaces, TV and even WC. A Round Trip to Six Flags from New York by Charter Bus will cost you around $1350 - $1750 ($24 - $31/per passenger).

Estimated Prices on Renting a Minibus to Six Flags from New York

Minibusses are smaller, but still it up to 40 passengers, if your group is smaller, this might be the better choice for you and your group to travel to Six Flags. A Round Trip to Six Flags from New York by Minibus with the cost you around $1100 - $1550.

How long does it take to get to Six Flags from New York by a bus?

Six Flags Great Adventure is located at a perfect location, groups from New York and New Jersey can get there within 1,5-2,5 hours by the bus. If the road is fairly free, no traffic, our drivers will bring you to Six Flags in as little as 1,5 hours (90 minutes), on the other hand on some days the road gets a little busy and it might take up to 2,5 hours (150 minutes) to have a ride on Nitro rollercoaster, the highest one on the East Coast.

Top 4 Rides at Six Flags Great Adventure



You definitely want to try the fastest coaster in New Jersey and the tallest on the East Coast! Nitro will make you feel like you are flying and give you unforgettable emotions.

El Toro

The wooden coaster that will make you a little scared, be prepared to scream a lot, since the speed will be very high. Steep dives, sharply banked turns, and a dramatic twister finale at the speed of 70 miles per hour.

Kinga Ka

Many people come to Six Flags Get Adventure to ride this coaster, the world’s tallest roller coaster is calling your name! You will hardly have time to scream since it will ride you at the maximum speed of 128 miles per hour, which makes it by far the fastest coaster in the world.


The floorless roller coaster will give you an extreme rush of excitement. You will reach the top speed of 61 miles per hour and fly through the foggy shield rings, turning through a vertical loop, dive loop and other turns that are worth to try.

Which ride gets your heart racing? Try them all!