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Renting a bus in Staten Island is easier than you think, Bookbuses is a # 1 rental company in Staten Island as well as in other areas of New York state, we offer Charter, School and Mini buses to drive you safely to your event. Call (646) 801 6280 now for a special quote!

Staten Island is one of the five boroughs of New York, located on Staten Island. The most remote and least populated of all administrative districts of New York. Staten Island is served by local bus routes. Two routes link Staten Island with Brooklyn, as well as many express bus routes to Manhattan. In Staten Island, from the northeast to southwest, there is a city train line with more than two dozen stations, which use trains and the system of payment as in the subway. The free Staten Island Ferry connects the island to Manhattan; the ferry travel interval is about half an hour. Event though the Staten island is usually not on the list of must-visit for most of people, there are many interesting things to see, historical places.



Call (646) 801 6280 now for a special quote!

Rent Charter bus & Minibus in Staten Island

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We have access to a big selection of various Charter Buses, with seating capacities ranging from 47 to 56 seats. Also, if you decide to travel with a smaller group, you may consider renting a Minibus, with various sizes of minibuses with seating capacities ranging from 18 and 25 seats. You can rent a bus with premium amenities, that are available and accessible upon request, such amenities may include a freezer, USB ports, WIFI, TVs, panoramic windows, etc. With 24/7 customer service, you can rely on us to take the utmost care of all the transportation needs of your occasion. It does’t matter if Staten island is your pick up location or you are just planning an event there, we are always here to help you.

Rent a School Bus in Staten Island


School buses are very suitable for local trips, if you don’t need special amenities, and you want your trip to be as budget-friendly as possible under the circumstances, School buses are made for children, however, it can also be used for grown-ups as well. Buses come in several sizes, from holding just 12 passengers to 70 passengers, depending on the age of the children. Keep in mind that school buses have benches and depending on the age of the kids (or grown-ups) more or fewer people will fit on the school bus. They can be rented for different occasions, such as school trips, sports teams outing, weddings, groups of tourists/visitors, etc. Depending on your occasion, school buses might be an even better alternative for you, you can talk to one of our booking specialists and we will help you find the bus that suits your necessities.

Rent a Bus for Wedding in Staten Island


Planning your wedding in Staten Island? We rent out different kinds of buses to help the coordination on your special day. We are here to deal with all your wedding transportation needs so that you don’t need to be stressed about anyone getting lost or being late. We will organize a shuttle service for your guests from their hotel to your wedding venue and back; we can also take care of the airport transfer for anyone arriving from other cities too, guarantee guests arrive on time without the hassle.