Rent a Shuttle Bus - Fun, Relaxing, and Luxurious

A shuttle bus can be used for variety events in where there is a lot of guests that attend. This could be for a wedding, conference, or corporate events. Shuttle buses are essential for moving large amounts of people in a short period of time. Shuttle buses can help ensure that your event goes on time. Transporting groups in safety and comfort are what Bookbuses do, working with a big network of vendors we will provide you with a bus that meets all your requirements as well as we 24/7 customer support.



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Shuttle Buses for Weddings

Weddings could definitely use shuttle buses is guests are staying in a hotel while all the events are held in different locations. Shuttle buses allow guests to get to the wedding festivities on time while not worrying about driving to the events.


Shuttle Buses for Conferences

Many large conferences may need to have its attendees transported from one location to another. With a lot of attendees and a limited amount of buses, it is very important to get attendees transported as quickly and efficiently as possible.



Shuttle Buses for Corporate Events

Corporate events may need shuttle buses to transport their attendees from one location to another. Corporate events will sometimes provide transportation for employees and this is how it would be done if needed. 

When Do I need to Rent a Shuttle Bus?

There are many different situations where you have to arrange transportation for large group of people. It could be company outing, corporate event, family reunion, school trip - anything that requires getting people from one place to another safely and reliably. Bookbuses provides transportation services all over the North America, we have an economical solution for every trip. In order to get the best deal you have to know your trip details before requesting a quote, such as dates, location, amount of people, distance, etc. You probably don’t need a big charter bus, but could rent a shuttle bus instead and save some money.

Shuttle Bus vs. Charter Bus

Charter Bus Rentals are amazing for long trips on big distances, while Shuttle Buses are great when you are focusing on getting from point A to point B.

  • Charter Buses provide great transportation services on extended trips, lasting a day or longer. Why is it better to rent a charter bus when traveling big distances? They tend to be more comfortable, bigger, offer amenities like air conditioning, WC, wifi, reclining seats, DVD players, a lot of luggage space.

  • When you are planning a charter bus trip, you need to provide us with itinerary, so that we can offer you a fixed price.

  • Shuttle buses are mostly used to move large groups between places. You rent a shuttle bus when you are moving people from one place to another where transportation is your only objective. For example, you need to shuttle people from an airport to a hotel, to and from wedding venue, events like parties and dinners.

  • It often makes more sense to rent a shuttle bus, you don’t want to require everyone to figure out their own methods of transportation.