Rent a bus in the biggest city in Ukraine! Kiev is known for being one of the tech hubs in Europe. However, it is also important to note the impressive tree coverage in Kiev. Many citizens of Kiev say that you can walk the entire city in the shade because of how many trees there are. The city also boasts two botanical gardens and a World War II museum as some of its main tourists attractions. In the summer, Independence Square, located at the center of Kiev, turns into a nightly party. Streets are closed and many of the restaurants and clubs are open late. This is one of the biggest tourist attractions Kiev.

Since Kiev has a lot of attractions that are spread around the city, it is important to use a bus as your form of transportation. At BookBuses, we have specialists that can speak Ukrainian Russian, and English to help you plan your bus trip and itinerary while you are in Saint Petersburg. Call us today for more information about our services in the Kiev area.




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Bus Types

Rent a Charter Bus


Charter buses are great for all types of events where you need transport of larger groups. Charter buses take up to 56 passengers, they have great storage facilities, air conditioning and wifi. Many charter buses have additional facilities such as freezer and USB ports. Learn more here!

Rent a Mini Bus


Transporting a smaller group? You probably want to look into booking a mini bus. The mini buses we offer can be booked for any amount of time, ranging from a few hours to a few days. We offer various sizes that can sometimes accommodate up to 30 passengers. Learn more here!

Rent a School Bus


School buses can be used not only for school, but for weddings, sports trips etc! School buses may sometimes be better alternatives than charter buses, not at least because they are more affordable. School buses can take 10 to 60 passengers. Learn more here!


Buses for any Occasion

Rent a bus for a Wedding

You will be surprised by how many couples that rent a school bus for their wedding. Not only can you use it for transportation but you may even use it for your wedding pictures! Charming and retro. Learn more here!


Sport Teams and College

college football.jpg

BookBuses has a variety of vehicle options for college and university transportation programs. We have  special discounts available for multi-city events or season agreements. Learn more here!

Rent a Bus for Group Travel

Going on a multi-day trip with a group of travelers? Or just need transportation back and forth to a cruise ship or any other single travel destination? BookBuses work extensively with travel agents in the US and overseas. Learn more here!


School Trips

Booking a bus for your school trip helps transport everyone altogether rather than individually through public transportation. Both school buses and charter buses are suitable for school trips. Learn more here!

Rent a Bus for a Corporate Event


  Corporate events often require transportation of employees to and from event sites. Whether you need a single bus for a one-day event or several buses for a week-long conference, we can get you what you need. Learn more here!


Senior Bus Rental


We have a range of buses in our network that are equipped to accommodate senior citizens or disabled. These buses have low entrances and drivers will assist passengers entering and exiting. Learn more here!

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