Rent a Party Bus - Fun, Bright, and Loud

A party bus is a great way for a group to have fun en route at an event. This could be for a wedding, prom, or birthday party. Party buses can fit anywhere from 18 to 50 passengers depending on the size. Party buses allow you to have a mobile party will getting transported to an event. Many party buses come with LED lighting and loud sound system for music. Party buses are often easier to book in urban areas as there is a larger amount of them available for booking. Party buses are intended to be shorter distances compared to charter buses, which can be used for days or even weeks. 



50_Passenger_Party_Bus_Right OK.JPG

Party Buses for Prom

Prom is always a special moment for high school students. Many students often go with a limousine, but it is also common to see a party bus as a form of transportation for prom. Not only is a party bus more fun than a limousine, but also includes a nice sound system to play your own music.


Party Buses for Weddings

After wedding receptions, the party continues at the after party. Many times after parties could be held at clubs or another venue. This is the perfect time to utilize a party bus as the form of transportation. Most party buses even allowing drinking on the bus. However, it is always a good idea to double check for any extra cleaning fees. 



Party Buses for Birthday Parties

Many birthday parties take place at clubs or other venues. What can be more fun that taking a party bus with your closest friends to the actual location? It is an efficient way to get everyone to the party location and back. This is very important if alcohol is going to be consumed by party goers as they will not need to worry about driving.