Renting A School Bus Is A Great Idea

Renting A School Bus

Often times, school buses are associated with just school activities. But now, school buses can be used for other purposes such as weddings, sports trips, parties and whatever you choose to do with the bus. At times, school buses may be better alternatives than a charter bus and here are a few reasons for choosing the former.

1.    More Affordable Compared To Other Buses

Booking a school bus helps transport everyone altogether rather than individually through a public bus, at the same time, saves you money. Also, a school bus is a more economical choice, especially during shorter trips and when luxury is not necessarily needed.

2.    Used For Social Events


School buses are as easy to use as charter buses. For a small upfront clean-up fee, you can even be allowed to bring alcohol onboard the bus! For short trips around cities to bring your group from one place to the other or as shuttles for social events school buses are the perfect fit. Even Weddings.

3.    Charming and Retro

You will be surprised by how many weddings rent school buses for transportation to and from the wedding. Not only can you use it for transportation but you may use it for your wedding pictures as well! A school bus gives your wedding pictures a very vintage style that is different from all other wedding photos around.

4.    Fits Many

There are plenty types of school buses that can fit your group size. Usually, big ones have 22 to 23 benches, which fits 3 children on each or 2 adult passengers, fitting a total of 66 children or 44 adults passengers.

In populated areas with many school bus companies, it is also possible to find smaller school buses fitting around 36 children or 24 adult passengers. If that is not enough, you may go ahead and book more buses! Start to get a price here.