How to Book a Bus for a Sports Team

Sports trips are supposed to be fun and memorable, but the buildup and planning towards these trips can be very stressful. Whether it is a weekend soccer trip to Hershey Park or a week of baseball in Cooperstown, there is so much to pack and even more to plan.


One of the most difficult things to plan is how to get everyone and everything from one place to another. There are so many different bodies to account for along with all of their luggage or equipment that will be needed on the trip. Options can be chartering a plane, obviously this is for just major college programs and professional teams who need to travel long distances, charter a bus, buy bus or train tickets, carpool, or just have everyone else figure out his or her own way to the location.

Teams can have as little as ten players on a basketball team or more than fifty for a football team and somehow, someway, all of these players need to be transported to their destination. One of the most efficient ways is to book a bus to make sure everyone is traveling together and is accounted for. Not only can large charter buses hold more than fifty passengers, but they have extra luggage space below to carry all the equipment and luggage the team might have.



1. Type of Bus

To book the proper bus for your sports team, the trip planner needs to know what type of bus the team needs for travel and if they need more than one bus, how many do they need.

The first step in gathering this information is knowing how many passengers will be on this trip. This could include coaches, players, and family members depending on the type of trip this is. Depending on the number of passengers, the trip planner could look into booking a van, mini bus, or coach bus. Each passenger will likely have luggage with them and depending on the sport, a lot of equipment. Hockey, lacrosse, and football require a lot of equipment, while sports like basketball, soccer, and tennis need much less. Unless the bus that is selected has extra luggage space it probably would be a safe bet to have a bus that can hold a couple of more passengers than will be on board so they can be some more space to pack luggage.

Bus types that are the most frequently rented for Sport Trips:

2. Amenities

Longer trips can be a drag and some entertainment could be necessary to make the time go by more quickly. This is where the amenities of the bus enter the discussion. Everyone these days can be seen on their phone to pass time. Twitter, Instagram, Candy Crush, and Pokémon Go are just some of the apps that people use to help pass the time.

Having Wi-Fi and power outlets on the bus can be huge and making the time pass. This also can give the travelers the ability to answer emails and conduct other business while not having to use their data plan. For more team bonding a simple TV and DVD player can be used by the team to bond over the great Harry Potter films or whatever they choose to watch. These amenities can be asked for when dealing with bus companies, so it is on the trip planners to determine whether or not these amenities are needed. Some companies charge extra money for Wi-Fi, but probably would be worth it considering these long distance trips.

3. Coordination

When dealing with bus companies it is very important to clearly communicate the team’s itinerary so the bus driver and company can be punctual and get the team where they need to be when they need to be there. These bus companies need to be told if they are needed during the trip to further transport the team or if they are just needed for a pick up and drop off. Once again, the times of pick up and drop offs should be told to the companies so they can get the team to its game with proper time to warm up and best prepare for its opponent. Constant communication with the company and driver can go a long ways to make sure the trip goes smoothly.