Here are 15 complaints we want you to Avoid.

According to a survey by American Bus Association based on 2,973 trip reviews across 950 US bus companies, the below are the Top 15 Complaints.  The study was collected over 4 years.  In total 13.6% of the trips in the industry came back negative.  So if you choose a random bus company there is a 1:7 chance you will encounter one of these problems. See below how to avoid these.

  1. Poor equipment/old or dirty buses (5.1% chance)

  2. Bus arrived late (3.3% chance)

  3. Amenities did not work: TV/DVD, AC, Heat or Bathroom (2.5% chance)

  4. Bad/rude driver (2.3% chance)

  5. Company is hard to reach/Won’t return calls (2.2% chance)

  6. Bus broke down (1.9% chance)

  7. Charged extra after the trip (1.8% chance)

  8. Bus never showed up (1.6% chance)

  9. Refused to give a refund (1.6% chance)

  10. Driver got lost (1.5% chance)

  11. Misrepresented fleet (1.2% chance)

  12. Company did not follow through with contract (1% chance)

  13. Inadequate space on the bus (.8% chance)

  14. Failed to change drivers after 10 hours of driving (.7% chance)

  15. Company didn’t follow the itinerary (.7% chance)

At BookBuses we go to great length to make sure you will never experience the above. Feel free to ask our team about how we ensure your specific trip will be managed 100% professional. One rule of thumb is - if you get an offer for very very cheap buses somewhere else, the risk increases - if its too good to be true, sometimes there is something behind.